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#19 2439 54 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T3E 1M4
Monday - Friday 6:30 am to 3:30 pm

Top Meal

We’re here to provide first-class kids-only meals, so daycares don’t have to. Because:

1) It’s never too viable to run an in-house kitchen with operation costs, regular inspections, etc.

2) Feeding the planet’s pickiest eaters needs focus and resources that childcare professionals may not have.


You partner up with the best daycare food provider in Calgary.


We’ll provide fresh, nutritious meals and snacks ready to eat.


Your kids, parents, and staff will love you for the service!

Meet the Chef

“My priorities are cleanliness, safety, sanitation, and nutrition, but my passion is unique, delicious foods. I try to incorporate all of that into what we do here every day.”

Get to know our very own Chef Jordie! She’s Red Seal certified, graduated from the SAIT Culinary Arts program as a top student, and has plenty of professional cooking experience ever since 2011.

Her background includes fine dining, French classic cuisine, and Canadian fusion. She started managing daycare kitchens in 2016 and quickly fell in love with creating innovative, nutritious dishes for picky eaters.

She also likes to hike and rollerblade in her spare time!


Top Meal ensures every child’s needs are met with our rotating menu, offering diverse options like complex carbs, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. We prioritize inclusivity with vegetarian and halal choices. We also limit sugar, sodium, and trans fat for a healthier future.

No Shellfish

Tender stir-fried beef glazed in luscious teriyaki, served alongside fluffy basmati rice and crisp veggies for an explosion of Asian-inspired flavours.

No Nuts

Vibrant rotini mingled with delicious red peppers, ripe tomatoes, and creamy feta cheese, all kissed by fragrant herbs and accompanied by wholesome peas and carrots.

No Pork

A spice-laden journey with succulent tandoori chicken, partnered with golden roast potatoes and fragrant cauliflower for a tantalising taste adventure.